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Bone Grafting in Manhattan

If you are missing teeth, portions of your jawbone can atrophy or become reabsorbed. This can leave the jawbone in a poor condition that will not allow for proper placement of dental implants. When this situation occurs, the patient is often not considered as a candidate for the dental implant. With current surgical advances, however, we can grow bone where it is needed with bone grafting in. Bone grafting allows us to place a dental implant with the correct length and width so that you can restore the appearance and function of your smile.

Bone Regeneration in Manhattan

Bone grafting is used to repair the site of your dental implant that has poor bone structure due to missing teeth, injuries, or gum disease. For minor bone loss, Dr. Rosen may place special membranes that will dissolve under the gums to protect the bone graft and help facilitate bone regeneration using a process called guided bone regeneration. When bone is missing from the upper jaw, a sinus bone graft can be performed to replace it. The bone for bone grafting can be obtained from a variety of locations, including your jaw, hip, or tibia.

For larger bone defects the patient’s own bone is often used. Large defects are typically the result of congenital defects, trauma, or surgery. The bone for grafting large defects can come from a variety of locations including the hip, knee, and skull.

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