Sinus Lift in Manhattan

What is a Sinus Lift?

The most common bone grafting procedure, a sinus lift, treats the bone in the upper jaw. A sinus lift grows and strengthens the floor of the maxillary sinus. Strengthening of the bone in this region can help to secure dental implants.

Is a Sinus Lift Right for Me?

You may need a sinus lift if:

  • You are missing teeth in the upper portion of your jaw.
  • You are missing a bone in the upper portion of your jaw.
  • You lack teeth due to a birth condition.
  • You are missing most maxillary teeth and need support for implants.

What is Sinus Lift Surgery?

In most sinus lift procedures, the molar region or premolar region of the jawbone is exposed with a small incision. The membrane lining the sinus above the jaw bone is pushed upward, making room for the bone grafting. Bone grafting material can be taken from the patients’ body, a cadaver, or synthetic material. Depending on the type of graft, healing can take up to several months.

The implanted bone becomes part of the patient’s jaw. Dr. Rosen will determine the appropriate amount of time necessary in the healing before an implant can be inserted. If there is ample bone in the upper jaw, it is possible for a sinus lift and implant procedure to be performed in a single surgery. If not enough bone is available, multiple procedures are necessary.